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Judge Herb Dodell on the bench.

The purpose of the show is to help people navigate the legal system. It provides information as to how the legal system really works, from the inside and from the perspective of a long time trial lawyer (the trench) and Superior Court judge (the bench). It illustrates the principles with real cases and provides guidelines for people who are in the system or about to be involved in it, including small claims, restraining orders, landlord/tenant, criminal and general civil litigation. It provides the answers to such questions as "what do I do if...?" while including a spiritual approach as well.

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For the People - Monday December 30, 2019 - Guest: Chaim Solomon, spiritual rules, technological application, quality of life, contents of prior shows including Ann Coulter, fulfillment, gratification, consciousness is everything, mind over matter, thinking creates, shifting, technologies and the physical world, physical is manifestation, spirituality and free will, light and the power of creation, action and reaction, interrupting a pattern, pausing and making a choice, putting in good energy, Kabbalah, positive vibes, winning and losing, changing attitude, predictability, settlement, ego, forgiving, negative energy, good inside, turning on the Light, activation, unconditional love and positive energy, how the world works, not random, what goes around comes around, light removes darkness, earning and working for it, inner peace, quantum consciousness, dreams and happiness.

For the People - Monday December 23, 2019 - Right of privacy, remedies, cause and effect, sudden, seed level, doing the right thing, Hippocrates, compromise, ego, creation, ability to change, small claims, no lawyers, filing fees, fee waivers, no cross-examination, reasonable person standard, balance, free speech, practicability, attorney fees in small claims cases, stare decisis, continuing conduct, Brekke case, balance, suing for invasion of privacy in small claims court, defamation, truth as a defense, opinions, non-appearance, right to appeal, prove-up hearing, judgment, collection, appeals from small claims court decision, attorney fees in restraining order cases, declarations, Adler case, social media, change of venue, stay of execution, unlawful detainers, no cross-complaint, stay, Dershowitz.

For the People - Monday December 16, 2019 - Statutes of limitation, when it begins and ends, exceptions, collections, contractual statutes of limitations, circumstances, haves versus have nots, tolling agreements, estoppel, insurance claims, what are your rights, policies, ultimate reality, premiums, claims practices, claims mean money out reducing profits, reserves, upper hand, fraudulent claims, Penal Code section making fraud a crime, felonies and misdemeanors, reading from the Insurance Code and regulations to reign in unfair claims settlement practices, Section 790.03(h) of the Insurance Code, examples and statistics, contingency fee lawyers, "closed files," defense view, summary judgment motions, why not settle, billable hours, competition among defense lawyers, rates, "lowball" offers, "genuine dispute doctrine," delays, attorney fees, "consequential (emotional) damages," punitive damages, clear and convincing evidence, insurance regulations, why is this happening to you, desire, cause and effect, time.

For the People - Monday December 9, 2019 - Collection, fraudulent conveyances, set aside, disgorgement, when a judgment creditor knows how to collect on the judgment, self and collection agency, demand for payment, oral appearance of debtor (ORAP), assets, bank accounts, request for ORAP, simple rules, service, first non-appearance, warrant, holding the warrant, setting of bail, second non-appearance ramifications, double the bail and execution of the warrant, Order to Show Cause for performance, collection story, turnover order, grab the car, bank accounts and process, writs, tips to grab assets, procedure, garnishment, modifications, financial statement with assets and liabilities, creditors, structure, 10% interest, abstract of judgment on real property, refinance and sale, costs, "keeper," attorney fees, evidence, what it is, hearsay, exceptions, no cross-examination, custodian of records, state of mind of recipient, parol evidence rule, integration clause, fraud, changing terms and conditions, materiality, need for a lawyer, DUI and need for a lawyer, wet reckless, guidelines, hung jury, enhancement, prior felony, Beagle case, client testimony, refusal to take test, DMV, driving, actual case, nystagmus, attack on machine, calibrations, plea bargain, volume, limited license, 3-hour rule, plea and waiver form.

For the People - Monday December 2, 2019 - Judges, quality or lack thereof, bulletproof, picking a lawyer, system, Small Claims court rules, who is your judge?, challenges to judges, some are awful, federal judges, story of judge, assignments, federal court and judges, 10 most frequently asked questions, subjects, mediation, arbitration, motion to vacate judgment, filing of civil cases, fee waivers, summons, default, restraining orders, quasi-criminal, guns, arrests, turnover, appeals, fraud, contracts, reliance, oral and written, concealment, punitive damages, deterrence, torts, multiple, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, damages, differences, trustees, assets, estate, closing, creditors, timely claims, adversary claims, majority are Chapter 7, reorganization, cramdown deals, committees, system not fair, haves versus have-nots, summary judgment motions, cost of transcripts, contingency lawyers, settle, closed files, can't bill closed file, creating paper, billable hours, associates, new lawyers, getting to partner, managing partner, how to get there, advertising, cost of defense, State Bar website.

For the People - Monday November 25, 2019 - "Get used to it, they all do it" politics re: quid pro quo, legal world, obstruction, immunity, autocracy, requirement to testify, executive privilege, stay, sua sponte, administrative delay, Trump tax returns, instruction not to testify, burden of proof, not hearsay, pounding on the table, how people vote, what if case against Trump was criminal instead of impeachment, filing deputy, bases to charge, no automatic stay, preliminary hearings, bail, "probable cause," reasonable basis, holding to answer, 6th Amendment, grand jury, "true bill," Constitution, Federalist Papers, Hamilton, impeachment evidence, judiciary, rules, term limits, Voltaire, too complicated and too long, one question cross examination, KISS, Stone conviction, retrials, arson case.

For the People - Monday November 18, 2019 - Guests: Daphne Barak, author of book on Rick Gates and Kristin Davis, public relations contact for Roger Stone, discussion of impeachment and Stone conviction.

For the People - Monday November 11, 2019 - Purpose of show, interview with Stone, trial, who is Stone, legal issues, Mulveny "get over it," greed and corruption, Clapper and Brennan, food for thought, perception, why witnesses change testimony, honesty and integrity, Stone's rules, parallel, obstruction, keep it simple, Judge Jackson, trial strategies, rules, presumptions, jury instructions, materiality, not testifying, credibility of witnesses, cross-examination, no defense but cross examination, rarely call defendant, 4th and 6th Amendments, can't remember, emails, mistake, lying to Congress, sentencing, Federal system, guidelines, discretion, no collusion means no crime, memory, civil deposition, transcript, changes in testimony, credibility, jury instruction, decisions only on the law, haves and have nots, unlawful detainer case, media, appointments, probabilities, Mapp v. Ohio case, search and seizure per 4th Amendment, warrants, history, liberal versus non-flexible, motions to suppress, no warrant, Miranda case, 6th Amendment, right of accused, speedy trial, confrontation, counsel, presumption of innocence.

For the People - Monday November 4, 2019 - If there is no conviction in the impeachment process will it hurt the Democrats?, media bias, legal issues regarding immunity, previous holdings, kick the case down the road, no-shows, contempt, tax returns, tax evasion, intent, tax code, the facts are the facts, executive privilege, bribery, crime, term limits, Federalist Papers, constitution, strict construction, liberal construction, interpretation based on the framers’ intention, right to vote, delay, slow walk, CNN, bias, facts are unsupported, Nixon, no crime, Federalist Society, 1st Amendment, evolving, reverse porn, right of privacy, free speech, judges faced with choice, protect the public, balance, social media, percent of restraining orders granted, small claims court for invasion of privacy, hassle factor, collection of judgment, garnishment, levy, judgment, abstract of judgment, cloud on title, sale, grabbing cars, waiver of filing fee, defamation, truth as a defense, publication, evaluation of case, settle.

For the People - Monday October 28, 2019 - Last week's interview with Ann Coulter, constitutional issue, political perspective, what is an impeachment trial?, how it works, Judge Howell opinion, Rule 6 (e), production of grand jury testimony, necessity for production, evidence, burden of proof, obtaining facts, civil or criminal, legal questions, grounds, high crimes and misdemeanors, investigations and refiling, is it fair, discovery, right to conduct, grand jury, waiver, 5th Amendment, immunity, "true bill," intent to defraud, abuse of power, disregarding evidence, stonewalling, farce, estoppel, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, hearsay and exceptions, co-conspirator exception, corroboration, not offered as hearsay, Giuliani, prior inconsistent statement, Andrew Johnson, executive privilege, Supreme Court on issue, Federalist Society, appointments, certiorari, discretionary calls, arbitrary and capricious, Baggot case, real jury, does evidence get in, "slow walk."

For the People - Monday October 21, 2019 - Special Guest:  Ann Coulter.

For the People - Monday October 14, 2019

For the People - Monday October 7, 2019

For the People - Monday August 19, 2019

For the People - Monday August 12, 2019

For the People - Monday August 5, 2019
For The People - Monday July 29, 2019 - Guest: Tax expert Peter Stephan, problems with the IRS? This is the guy to talk to, how to deal with the IRS, Tax Resolution Institute, don’t panic, there is a way out, professional help, radio spots for tax alternatives, legitimate?, two types of taxes, income tax, business, independent contractors, estimated tax payments, first $133,000 and taxes, California taxes, accrued penalties, failure to file, penalties for failure to file, bankruptcy, state taxes, time to collect, CPAs, revenue agents, revenue officers, the difference, collections, installment agreements, statutes of limitation, offer in compromise, qualifications, percentage of acceptance, rejections, ways to skin the cat, income taxes are dischargeable, two-year rule, three-year rule, formula rule, 240-day rule, protection of home, equity, abating penalties, reliance on advice, penalty relief, “first time penalty abatement,” prior compliance, partnerships, S corporations, special rules, streamline installment agreement, defaults, ability to pay, “currently not collectible,” contact information for Stephan.

For The People - Monday July 22, 2019 - Guest: Lisa Ann, major adult star, her history and experiences with cyberbullying and restraining orders, prior interviews on same subject, diversity, freedom and freedom of speech, spirituality, employers' obligations, her experience at the gym, duty not to disclose, stalking, her cases, defamation, burden of proof, truth as a defense, invasion of privacy, weight and balance, Sullivan vs. N.Y. Times case, Evans vs. Evans quote, small claims as place to get relief, jury duty and getting out of it.

For The People - Monday July 15, 2019 - Judges, what they do, power, ways to be appointed, mechanical, election, politics, agenda, nasty judges, judicial decisions, sanctions, remedies for violations, compulsion, decisions on motions, motions in limine, declarations, discretionary calls, certainty, challenges to judges, practical, expectations, if it happened to someone else it could happen to you, tape recording, contempt, some not too current, reading papers, eight judges, basis for dismissal was she couldn’t read the papers, scheduling, judges getting fired, bench trial, flippant, change of mind, getting hometowned, drunk judge, bribes, Texas.

For The People - Monday July 8, 2019

For The People - Monday July 1, 2019 - Guest: Dante Nero, free speech, life as a pimp, Proud Boys and white supremacy, TROs, ex parte, control of speech.

For The People - Monday June 24, 2019 - Guest: Nick Mahler, barred from Twitter, timing, diversity in shows, Supreme Court ruling today, last week’s show on homeless vets, nasty judges, jury view, robes, prison, effect of Supreme Court case, 1st Amendment, trademark, scandelous, FUCT, basis, disability and success, hemp, Amazon, terms of service, products, rope, products sold, termination of account, customer service, private company and decision to do or not do something, sue or not, economic, business loss, provisions, 1st Amendment lawyers, Deep Throat, rights, exercising rights, disability, pro bono, liability and damages, how much, clear and convincing evidence.

For The People - Monday June 17, 2019

For The People - Monday June 10, 2019

For The People - Monday June 3, 2019

For The People - Monday May 27, 2019

For The People - Monday May 20, 2019 - Random versus predestination, how to pick a lawyer continued, life is a movie that can be edited, instant gratification, desires, choice, connection to energy, negative people, negative experiences, why from a spiritual perspective, cause and effect concept, creating cause, reactions, anger is ego, time to fix, time is shorter now, results come more quickly, punishment, converting chaos into order, ego and adversarial, aggressive, making a difference, evil speech, blame, settlement, litigation as a result of ego, ability to change, challenges to make changes, picking the right lawyer, visceral feelings, winners and losers, attitude, consciousness, need for a lawyer, reviews, motivation, sit down, views they have as a lawyer, single practitioner, boutique law firms or the big guys, advertising, what will the lawyer do for you and how, criminal law fees, big guys ability to settle, financing, experts, tell tale signs, client who loses.

For The People - Monday May 13, 2019 - Providing information, comments about Roger Stone interview, object of the show, options, book reviews, free choice, how to pick a lawyer, guidelines, constitutional crisis, underlying basis and need for a crime for obstruction, ask about outcome, who is the judge, predictability, reasons for settlement, bailiffs, disputes with neighbors, think of options, Essex case on duty to defend, show is designed to help the people, public disclosure, practicality, picking a lawyer, contingency, payment of costs, experts, transgender case, contingency firms, cash flow, low ball offers, hourly fee lawyers, keeping case open, billable hours, ask a lot of questions, disbarment, attorney fee calculations, first interview, DUI cases and attorneys.

For The People - Monday May 6, 2019 - Guest: Roger Stone, gag order, who he is, political times, nature of the show, information, guidelines, restraining orders, expectations, slow walking, what Trump administration is doing, subpoenas, court actions, Stone’s view, alternative media, Roe v. Wade, political judgments, upcoming elections, Biden, Sanders, censorship, gun control, legislation.

For The People - Monday April 29, 2019 - Roger Stone interview, trial strategies, indictment discussion of Stone situation, witnesses, beyond a reasonable doubt, played tape of prior Stone interview, criminal law from both sides, criminal complaint and indictments, difference, preliminary hearings, discovery, leading questions, indictment of Stone, elements, grand jury, counts in the indictment, what it doesn’t charge, Wikileaks, Corsi, Credico, credibility of witnesses, documents, emails, defense, section 977 of the Penal Code, arraignment, pre-trial conference, conspiracy, attacks on Trump, structure of prosecution, necessary elements, speculation, materiality, likeability, intent, level, mens rea, reliance on witnesses, when a witness cannot remember, jury thinking, guilty plea, why all of this is happening, cause and effect, doing the right thing.

For The People - Monday April 22, 2019 - Lisa Ann, renowned porn actress, was supposed to be our guest to talk about bullying, cyber attacks, privacy and related issues, her battle in restraining order court and the ramifications, reason she could not make it, attorney fees, the American and British systems, why the British system is better, the process, personal attacks, posting, invasion of privacy, three different types of remedies, restraining orders, actions for defamation and actions for invasion of privacy, including name and likeness, effect is to chill people from maligning you, civil harassment, rules, continuous course of conduct, going over remedies, contempt, libel and slander, the differences, special damages, defenses, truth as a defense, opinions, burden of proof, Sullivan case, malicious intent, use of small claims court, fee waiver, elements of invasion of privacy and requirements, name and likeness, seclusion, public disclosure, private nature, equitable relief, rescission, Judge’s Benchbook, truth not a defense in invasions of privacy cases, attorney fees, punitive damages, not assignable, duty to mitigate, retraction and effect as an element.

For The People - Monday April 8, 2019 - Guest: Ginger Banks, adult actress, porn star and webcam model, restraining order court, freedom of speech, process, 1st Amendment, the Constitution, FOSTA and CESTA, Constitutional Decency Act, web providers, liability, what websites are doing, FBI, Backstage case, human trafficking, definition, safe harbor, Facebook, sex workers, efforts to fight legislation, dangerous clients, megaphone example, safety issues, escorts, screening, broad language, censorship, women’s rights, “compelling interests,” stigma, legalization, public policy, right of privacy, public perception, civil remedy, breast implant case, free choice, “Defending Your Life,” judgment.

For The People - Monday April 1, 2019 - Mediation, politics, “inappropriate,” freedom and privacy, criminal offenses, battery, Griswold vs. Connecticut, 9th Amendment, application to the states, enumeration clause, not limited, discretionary calls, restraining orders, Roe vs. Wade, women’s rights, not what people think the ruling means and what it does mean, 1984, legalization of certain things, Bob Craft and the massage, depending on the judge rulings can be different, “compelling interests,” injunction, social media, Near vs. Minnesota, example of person with a gun on video, threatening, petition for restraining order, small claims court where there is no appeal if there was no appearance, “prove-up hearing,” continuances, Jussie Smollet case, public defenders, sealing the record, procedure and when used, plea bargains, filing a criminal complaint and overfiling.

For The People - Monday March 25, 2019

For The People - Monday March 18, 2019

For The People - Monday March 11, 2019 - DUI, providing information, standard laws, age to drink, need a lawyer?, lawyer advertising, penalties, misdemeanor and felony, “wet reckless,” numbers, 3-hour rule, when measured, time test to be done, options, Gerd, what it is and effect, defenses against the machine, refusal to take blood, breath or urine test, “implied consent,” DMV, plea and waiver form, direct contact with the prosecutor, speedy trial, waiver of time, taking license away, attorney appearing for client, restrictive and special license, driving issue, probation, need for a lawyer, second and subsequent convictions, motion to strike priors, plea “straight up,” more than 10 years from last conviction, attack on equipment, negotiations, actual case, evidence, “dry reckless,” lesser plea, trespass, burden of proof, jurors, “hung jury,” refiling, rape case, creating doubt, variables, fines, benefits of a reckless deal, motions post probation, change of plea and dismissal, when are lawyers necessary?, picking a lawyer, solicitation, criteria, questions to ask, lawyers bills and fees, cut and paste, ask what lawyer is going to do, average cost.

For The People - Monday March 4, 2019 - Guest: Julie Stankowski, family and divorce attorney, domestic violence, child and spousal support, timing, emergency restraining orders, difference between domestic violence restraining orders and harassment restraining orders, burden of proof, motions for reconsideration and set aside orders.

For The People - Monday February 25, 2019 - Judges, how to become a judge, who are they, how did they get there, view of people from the bench, different courts, pro tem, my appointment, personal stories, judge discretion, perks, attorney fees in restraining order cases, violation of restraining order is a crime, bail, unlawful detainer cases, sealing of records, logging of stipulation, habitability, unlawful detainer case, discretion, new bail rules, effective date.

For The People - Monday February 18, 2019 - Guest: Attorney Jeff Nadrich, expert on Class actions and mass torts, definitions, mechanics of how they work, actual cases, fire claims and recoveries.

For The People - Monday February 11, 2019 - Guest: Roger Stone (last interview after indictment and issuance of a gag order), indictment, definitions, prognosis and analysis, what he thinks and why, shape of the government.

For The People - Monday February 4, 2019 - Spiritual approach, random or predetermined, your movie, changing the ending, spiritual tools to convert chaos to order, free choice, what choices we made looking back, reaction vs. proaction, 2 energies, positive and negative, how to make the connection to the positive, modern equipment, lawyer/client relationship, picking a lawyer, consciousness, time, getting what was not earned, uncertainty, the Creator and sharing.

For The People - Monday January 28, 2019 - Trial strategies, replay Stone interview from September, indictment issues, grand jury, witnesses, credibility, defenses, charges, pre trial conference, plea bargain, materiality, intent, memory.

For The People - Monday January 21, 2019 - Guest: Porn star Ginger Banks, human trafficking, sex, sex workers, victimless crime, Griswold vs. Connecticut, 1984, Roger Stone, right of privacy, people should do what they want as long as no one is hurt, legitimization, FOSTA, consensual vs. forced, fighting trafficking, web sites, safety, testing legislation, Weiner, consciousness, free choice, Nevada, taxes, trans gender, Rand Paul, decriminalization, Amsterdam, paying for it, web cams, porn convention, awards and production of videos.

For The People - Monday January 14, 2019 - Guest: Richard Chamberlain, personal stories of show biz, practices, Steve McQueen, Kirk Douglas, negotiations, credits, morals clauses, agents and managers, legal regulations, syndication, deals, big egos, casting couches, recent complaints, Peter Sellers, Chamberlain bio, Dr. Kildare, things “in the day,” time in the Army, his dreams, dreams came true, sergeant in the Army, Africa, King Solomon’s Mines, Zimbabwe, diverse career, “Towering Inferno,” “My Fair Lady,” current interests, musical “Unlikely Allies,” being an actor, can be thrilling, favorite role, "Shogun," preferences, miniseries, learning experiences, favorite co-star, recognizable, “Shattered Love,” spirituality, film deals, “net profits,” foreign money, “indirect advertising,” “Wednesday at the Movies,” projects, four losing pictures and track record, nepotism, bad investment, taxes, write-offs, ego, independent productions, pick-up deals, deferred pick-up deals, four walls deals, unions, crafts and guilds, Jack Warner and his office.

For The People - Monday January 7, 2019 - “Privacy," “wag the dog,” 1984, revisions of history, fake news, politics, Stone comments, discovery, motion to compel, writs, form interrogatories, special interrogatories, notices to produce, requests for admissions, summary judgment, summary adjudication, requirements, depositions, use for impeachment of parties and witnesses, transcripts, discovery in restraining order cases, hearings, admissibility of evidence, video depositions, use at trial, contact information, index, avoid surprise, continuances, discretion, domestic violence, burdens of proof.

For The People - Monday December 17, 2018 - Roe v. Wade, opinion, meaning, effect, reasoning, amendments to constitution, depth of opinion, Griswold v. Connecticut, stare decisis, law of the case, Mapp v. Ohio, unreasonable searches and seizures, 3rd Amendment, harboring soldiers, narrow versus strict construction, right of privacy, “compelling state interest,” fetus, pornography and 1st Amendment, restraining orders, choice, Obamacare decision, forum non conveniens, district and circuit courts, impeachment.

For The People - Monday December 10, 2018 - Informational show, Constitution, recent Supreme Court decision, writ of certiorari, 2nd Amendment, Heller case, McDonald case, use of restraining order to control people who should not have guns and ammunition, social media and the 1st Amendment, Brekke case, Near v. Minnesota on right of free speech, 14th Amendment, search and seizure, warrants, restraining orders, fruit of the poisonous tree, Section 1538.5, attack on warrant, 5th Amendment, Miranda case, corroboration, application to civil case.

For The People - Monday December 3, 2018 - Writs, constitutional amendments, 2nd Amendment, Heller case, defending yourself, national database from restraining orders, 1st Amendment, social media, Brekke case, Near case, free speech or not, threatening, 14th Amendment, warrants, FISA, restraining orders, “fruit of the poisonous tree,” motions to suppress, motions to quash, degree and depth of warrants, fighting admissibility, 4th Amendment, 6th Amendment, jury trials, 5th Amendment, Miranda, scope, due process, compliance, entitled to a lawyer, waiver, appointment of a public defender, qualification, use in a civil case, jury instruction, grand jury, pornography, definitions.

For The People - Monday November 26, 2018 - Fires, what do you do if you have been damaged, how claims work, emotional impact, smoke, soot and other issues, public insurance adjusters, inventory, make things easier, float, motivation, insurance bad faith, additional living expenses, how it works, “like kind and quality,” must be “incurred,” meals, mileage, like extra expense, fraudulent claim, rescission, gamble, insurance company SIU department, valuations, stuff in the closet, fair market value and replacement cost, no need to replace, it is new for old, repair or replace, disposition of claim proceeds, examples, mortgage, condos, homeowner policies, common areas, trees and shrubs, spiritual concept, law of cause and effect, burden of proof, definition, different kinds, preponderance, clear and convincing, legal, reasonable doubts jury instruction, insurance claims, who has the burden of proof, claims file, memo of everything, proof of loss, appraisal, requirements and limits, appraisal panel, bad faith cases, mud slides, “proximate moving cause,” consequential damages, “genuine dispute doctrine,” punitive damages, time for resolution, advances, contractors, notices from companies, status report, lowball offers, suing agents and brokers, errors and omissions, exceptions, case illustrations, underwriters, defense lawyers, litigation games.

For The People - Monday November 19, 2018

For The People - Monday November 12, 2018 - Guest: Michael Rubin, Fires, claims, not random, public insurance adjuster, purpose of show and book, lack of certainty, information and stories, statutes of limitation, duty to cooperate, value of contents, assignment of benefits, options, notice of intent to replace, duty of insurance company, 5 adjuster rule, recap, cost of acquisition, cost of putting back, appraisal, coverage, code, evacuation, additional living expense, deductibles, attorney fees, Essex v. Five Star case, declarations page.

For The People - Monday November 5, 2018 - Judgment, interest, recourse and nonrecourse, ballet propositions, bonds.

For The People - Monday October 29, 2018 - Not political, gun issues, court orders, follow-ups, interview with Sheriff Lee Baca, concept of control, free speech, balance, enforcement of restraining orders, consequences, news cycle, safety for the public, assault and battery, lessons and opportunities, negative may not be negative, term limits.

For The People - Monday October 22, 2018 - Rerun of 8/27/18 Episode - Real case, summary, insurance fraud, arson, conspiracy, rules of evidence, objections, some judges and quality presentation of case, decision and explanation, verdict form and verdict, burden of proof, the “people,” difference between civil and criminal, circumstantial evidence, “Direct” evidence, example, inferences break the chain, 5th Amendment in Civil case, examples of interviews and interrogation, techniques for interviews, call re: assault, bail, assault and battery, domestic violence, procedure, arraignment, waivers, preliminary hearing, criteria for being “held to answer,” demurrer, witnesses, public defender, picking a jury, documentation, facts of sample case, defense response, objections and findings, guilty or not guilty and why.

For The People - Monday October 15, 2018 - How to pick a lawyer, fees, structure, attorney fees for winning, percentages, contingency fees, types of cases on contingency, prevailing party provisions, big firms, financing, jury, costs, insurance bad faith and attorney fees, Essex case, judicial discretion, case where I ordered fees, overbilling, big firm practices, multiple lawyers, demurrers, junk and advancing hearing date in UD cases, three types of fees, DUI fees, police report, jail versus prison, representing yourself, contingency fee costs, practicality, paralegals and functions, firing the lawyer, State Bar, “high low” and statutory offers.

For The People - Monday October 8, 2018 - Guest: Bankruptcy lawyer, Raymond Aver, Bankruptcy, what is bankruptcy and how does it work? difference between Chapters 7, 11 and 13, discharge as remedy, automatic stay, use in Unlawful Detainer cases to stay on the property, relief from stay, exempt and non-exempt property, preferences and fraudulent conveyances, effect on taxes, are they dischargeable? wage earner plans to save homes from foreclosure, the homestead exemption, qualification, fraud, time limitations, plans of reorganization under Chapter 11, conversion from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 liquidation, general rules and procedures, finale for Kavanaugh, this is a very practical show if you are having financial problems.

For The People - Monday October 1, 2018 - Purpose of show, Kavanaugh, no rules, credibility, jury instructions, materiality, collateral, burden of proof, presumptions, analysis of Kavanaugh, prior consistent statements, hearsay exceptions, business records, penalty of perjury, impeachment, Roger Stone, 1984, term limits.

For The People - Monday September 24, 2018 - Roger Stone, what the shows are all about, informational, the legal system from the inside, guidelines, expectations, when in the system, reduce stress, real cases as illustrations, spiritual twist, chaos to order/fulfilment, Stone’s rules, Cosby, prior scheme and plan instruction.

For The People - Monday September 17, 2018

For The People - Monday September 3, 2018

For The People - Monday August 27, 2018 - Real case, summary, insurance fraud, arson, conspiracy, rules of evidence, objections, some judges and quality presentation of case, decision and explanation, verdict form and verdict, burden of proof, the “people,” difference between civil and criminal, circumstantial evidence, “Direct” evidence, example, inferences break the chain, 5th Amendment in Civil case, examples of interviews and interrogation, techniques for interviews, call re: assault, bail, assault and battery, domestic violence, procedure, arraignment, waivers, preliminary hearing, criteria for being “held to answer,” demurrer, witnesses, public defender, picking a jury, documentation, facts of sample case, defense response, objections and findings, guilty or not guilty and why.

For The People - Monday August 20, 2018

For The People - Monday August 13, 2018

For The People - Monday August 6, 2018

For The People - Monday July 30, 2018 - Anatomy of a criminal case, legal terms, “You Be the Judge,” public as participant, new case each week, objections, audience decision, ruling and explanation, hearsay exception, legal issues, how the system works, police reports, business record exception, foundation, custodian, res gestae, dying declaration, opening statements, jury instructions, rules of evidence, cross examination.

For The People - Monday July 23, 2018 - Rerun of 6/4/18 episode - Guest: Roger Stone, conspiracy? who, what, where and when, how he got President Trump elected, interesting discussion, circumstantial evidence, the one question he didn’t answer.

For The People - Monday July 16, 2018 - Expanding the show to make it audience participation, anatomy of a case, actual criminal case, legal terms and what they mean, new concept is "you be the judge," television show with a new case each week, rulings on objections, audience votes, hearsay and exceptions, structure, voting at the end of the show, what the system is really like, examples, cross-examination, exceptions, leading questions, pepper spray case, police reports, impeachment, business record exception to the hearsay rule, authentication, foundation, how to get documents into evidence, talking to police, rules of evidence, keeping things out of evidence, res gestae, dying declarations, opening statements, importance, "the evidence will show," jury attitude, reserving opening statement, jury notebook, experience with jurors, collateral evidence, repetition, stipulations and their meaning, best cross-examination, jury impressions, order of witnesses, expert witnesses (and impeachment), hypothetical questions, incomplete hypothetical, Grey's Anatomy, authority, cross-examination of experts, theories, argumentative questions, do not ask "why" questions, immunity, impeachment, Senator Ben Cardin.

For The People - Monday July 9, 2018 - Supreme Court, judges, appointments, authority, preparation for trials or hearings, Circuit courts, where the action takes place, magistrates, oral arguments, trial courts, compensation of judges, presiding judge, pro tem judges, personal, reasons people want to be judges, system from the inside.

For The People - Monday July 2, 2018 - Guest: Michael Kahn Personal injury lawyer, purpose of the show, Supreme Court ramifications in connection with Mueller probe and otherwise, Roe v. Wade, change in laws, biomechanical evaluation, practical information, know what to do and when, tips, lawyer advertising - do you want them? pleadings and discovery, problems with contingency fee cases and representation, hidden discovery and ethical issues, Gary’s own example of case, general rule regarding fees is 33-1/3% and 40%, documents you will not like discovering in your own records and documents the other side found too, what to do, personal injury “mills,” what to expect, scare tactics, jury nullification, Christopher Columbus phase, lawyer intimidation, claim manager and statistics, reason for settlement, stress, fears, ego, advice from Michael Kahn, insurance bad faith, interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admissions, effect, sanctions, depositions, motions to compel and jury instructions.

For The People - Monday June 25, 2018 - Probability of Manafort going to jail, what happened? language of litigation, complaints, procedural and substantive, cases being distinguished, what is a narrow ruling? effects of defaults, notices of appeal, differences between civil and criminal, discovery, what happens if a civil and criminal case are going on at the same time? Cosby illustration, parallel cases, how insurance companies operate, examinations under oath by insurance companies, use of transcripts at trial, duty to cooperate as a defense to a claim, sealing testimony and confidentiality, Stormy Daniels as illustration, California Insurance Code section 1875 (requiring insurance companies to produce their files for law enforcement), estoppel, trying cases in the press, contract cases and how they begin, elements, causes of action, damages, bases for damages, different courts, “pleadings,” “pro hac vice,” local counsel, winning by default, where to file, “long arm statute,” “motions,” jurisdiction and venue, diversity of citizenship, difference in counts in criminal case, “voir dire,” Forrest Gump, International Shoe case, process of service (who can serve), substituted service, presumptions, answers, affirmative defenses, laches, “at issue,” demurrers, deemed to be true, motions to strike, punitive damages, “sustained and overruled,” cross-complaints and counterclaims, time, advancing dates, what to ask a potential lawyer at interview, remit over limit of small claims court with example, practicality, cost versus result, need for a lawyer and fee waivers.

For The People - Monday June 18, 2018 - Judge's ruling in the Cosby case, shot at winning the appeal, new lawyer, trials (civil and criminal), evidence, burdens of proof, reasonable doubt, witnesses, litigation taking over your life, purpose of this show, how the system works from the inside, layman’s terms, reasonable expectations, cases as illustrations, courtroom conduct, motive, “actus reus” and “mens rea,” YouTube videos, intent, circumstantial evidence with a case illustration, leading questions and exceptions, cross-examination, credibility of witnesses, “home towned,” double jeopardy.

For The People - Monday June 11, 2018 - Guest: Private investigator Scott Ross, his role in the Cosby case, interesting information and basis for the appeal, his involvement in the Michael Jackson case, the murder case against Robert Blake and the Rampart police case, what PIs do and how they do it - a real insight!

For The People - Monday June 4, 2018 - Guest: Roger Stone, conspiracy? who, what, where and when, how he got President Trump elected, interesting discussion, circumstantial evidence, the one question he didn’t answer.

For The People - Monday May 28, 2018 - Rerun of 4/30/18 episode: Cosby case, prior acts as evidence, insurance company practices, character evidence at trial, admissions and use as an exception to the hearsay rule, 5th Amendment, circumstantial evidence, Stormy Daniels and Cohen cases, efforts for “stay,” what it means, defamation, conspiracy elements, overt acts, arson and insurance fraud, Special Investigations Unit, comparison between civil and criminal cases, use of tactics, strategies, contempt, judge's reading or not, reversal of decisions by a judge, most frequent appeals.

For The People - Monday May 21, 2018 - Right of privacy, nothing is random, consciousness, lawsuits are life changers, cause and effect, energy, insurance company appraisal process for property claims, desire, ego, your movie, ability to change, mediation and arbitration, how it works, comments about arbitrators, arbitration provisions in agreements, compelling arbitration, the drunken judge, receivers, conflicts, appointments, mistakes, failure to disclose, haves and have nots and what frequently happens.

For The People - Monday May 14, 2018 - Spiritual principles, tools, time, choices, cause and effect, court personnel, clerk, bailiff, functions, clients, personal injury cases, picking a lawyer, experts, value of cases.

For The People - Monday May 7, 2018 - Two very interesting cases -- civil and criminal -- involving arson and insurance claims, guy who went “poof” starting a fire, business and company practices, what not to do, statements, trial tactics and strategies, rape case and dismissal after trial, assault and battery, what is the difference, jury mistakes, hung jury, jury consultant: use or not? body language, winning and losing, earned or not, ramifications, spiritual and material, creating the outcome.

For The People - Monday April 30, 2018 - Cosby case, prior acts as evidence, insurance company practices, character evidence at trial, admissions and use as an exception to the hearsay rule, 5th Amendment, circumstantial evidence, Stormy Daniels and Cohen cases, efforts for “stay,” what it means, defamation, conspiracy elements, overt acts, arson and insurance fraud, Special Investigations Unit, comparison between civil and criminal cases, use of tactics, strategies, contempt, judge's reading or not, reversal of decisions by a judge, most frequent appeals.

For The People - Monday April 16, 2018 - Cohen proceedings, what it means, what is likely to happen, issues, attorney/client privilege, 5th Amendment, spiritual tools to convert chaos into order and fulfilment, energies, cause and effect, effect of time, evil tongue and consciousness.

For The People - Monday April 9, 2018 - The Stormy Daniels saga continues, analysis, search and seizure of documents and possible evidence from Michael Cohen’s office and home, privileges and the basis for warrants, what is discoverable/usable and what is not? what is going on and where does it look like it is going to go? is Cohen going to be charged with crimes? a smattering of spirituality, with some spiritual tools to deal with legal situations, criminal proceedings and how the process works, bail and what to look out for, plea deals and why, is Cohen going to flip if charged with crimes?

For The People - Monday April 2, 2018 - Judges, even the drunk ones/story of the drunk judge, outcome, other judge stories, power and authority, function, what gets into evidence and what is excluded, judge taking the verdict away, plea bargains in criminal cases, why, choices, juries, what matters, gut feelings about some jurors, jurors' feelings about litigants and lawyers and how it affects the outcome, judge bias, witness testimony, locked up in Chino, reasons to settle.

For The People - Monday March 26, 2018 - The three cases involving President Trump, Stormy Daniels, Summer Zervos and Karen McDougal, analysis, opinion, issues, which court, contract or not, arbitration, signatures on documents, effect if none, the defamation case, what is defamation and what are the damages, whether someone can make a deal hushing up information or validity of a contract to buy information with the intent not to publish, Michael Cohen’s involvement, violation of the law and effect.

For The People - Monday March 19, 2018 - Hypothetical personal injury case, burden of proof, experts, police reports and hearsay, cross-complaints, insurance companies, comparative negligence, small claims process, defamation, SLAPP and anti-SLAPP motions and result, attorney fees, 1ST Amendment, settlement, transgender case, Hugh Hefner case.

For The People - Monday March 12, 2018 - Fraud, elements, remedies, law enforcement, criminal restitution, real estate transactions, cause and effect, collection of judgement, constitutional issues, options, getting a lawyer, suggestions on what to do, public records, lawsuits quiet title, equitable relief, statute of limitations, FBI, attorney fees, statutes and bad faith, it's about the money, fee waiver in small claims court, suit against President Trump, rescission, conditions, analysis, right of privacy, levels of court, appeals, credibility, motive, interest and bias.

For The People - Monday March 5, 2018 - Gun violence and approaches to control, guests, Sheriff Lee Baca and Deputy Sheriff (Commander) Bob Lindsey, enforcement of restraining orders, turnover of guns and administration of reporting processes.

For The People - Monday February 26, 2018 - Court personnel and functions, handling the calendar, number of cases, preferences, difference in cases, domestic violence, cyber bullying and texts, restraining orders, do they work? hearsay rule exceptions, rescission, specific performance, small claims, balancing between restraint and free speech, First Amendment, internet defamation, illustrations, enforcement, arrest, contempt, credible threat, stalking, opinions and defamation, publication, damages, gun violence suggestions to deal with, employer and risk and use of restraining order, notification of compliance.

For The People - Monday February 19, 2018 - Picking a lawyer (continued), attorney fee structure, hourly, contingency or hybrid, effects, guests, tax attorney, Norman Kreisman, the IRS and what to do if they come calling, garnishment, levy seizure, deals with the IRS.

For The People - Monday February 12, 2018 - Guns, picking a lawyer (not necessarily related), what to ask and expect from the lawyer, personal injury cases and how the system works, including the use of small claims court, lawyers' practices to watch out for, too many lawyers? getting hosed, rescission, consideration, hearsay in small claims court, big firms, boutique firms or sole practitioner, which is better? costs of litigation, watch out.

For The People - Monday February 5, 2018 - Experts, oral and written contracts, elements of a contract, parol evidence, rule, ambiguities, statutes of frauds, burdens of proof, gifts versus loan, intent of the parties, breach of contract, statutes of limitations, purpose, effect, torts, negligence, gross negligence, auto accidents, legal malpractice, consideration as an element of contract, terms and other elements, bad checks, and remedies, judgments (for and against), rescission, reformation and specific performance, small claims, non-delegable duties, punitive damages, why settle? motions in limine, judicial discretion, authentication of documents, credibility, testimony and records.

For The People - Monday January 29, 2018 - Sexual harassment, demonstrative evidence, gun violence, restraining orders and rules, enforcement, criminal aspects, reporting and public records, expert witnesses, prenuptial agreements, federal courts and state courts, judges, appellate process, writs.

For The People - Monday January 22, 2018 - Emotional aspects of litigation, ego, motivation, guest, Dr. Walter Jacobson, minimize anxiety and stress, statistics.

For The People - Monday January 15, 2018 - O.J., trial strategies, costs of litigation, demonstrative aids.

For The People - Monday January 8, 2018 - Sexual harassment, constitutional issues, mediation and arbitration, settlement procedures and situations, statutory provisions, new rules, “High/Low,” mediations and arbitrations, Why and Why Not?

For The People - Monday December 18, 2017 - Spiritual principles, tools, time, choices, cause and effect, court personnel, clerk, bailiff, functions, clients, personal injury cases, picking a lawyer, experts, value of cases.

For The People - Monday December 11, 2017 - Unlawful detainer, landlord-tenant, evictions, defenses, litigation, causes of action, including class actions, burdens of proof, elements in a civil case, liability and damages, guest, attorney specialist on unlawful detainer case, Brad Axelrod, appeals in small claims cases.

For The People - Monday December 4, 2017 - Judges, criminal, DUI, DMV, need for lawyers, forms, bails, bounty hunters, attorney fees, jail and prison, misdemeanors and felonies, plea bargains, overcharging, challenge to judge, security deposits and interest on security deposits.

For The People - Monday November 27, 2017 - Arson, gun violence, suggestions, restraining orders, insurance claims, guest, insurance attorney, Olivia Bissell, attorney fees, defense lawyers and practices, spiritual principles and application to situations.

For The People - Monday November 20, 2017 - Judges (the good, the bad, and the ugly), jury selection and juries, collection of judgments, guest, collection attorney, Howard Blum, restraining orders and effect.

For The People - Monday November 13, 2017 - Becoming a judge, humor in the court, good stories of cases, security deposits, settlements and good deeds, with and without prejudice, retaining jurisdiction, consciousness, cause and effect, follow up if non-performance, conditional judgment, power of the court, judicial discretion, rescission, lemon law, small claims cases, navigate through the system, sexual harassment cases, “Haves and Have Nots,” burdens of proof, misdemeanor and felony, plea agreements.

For The People - Monday November 6, 2017 - Introduction, name is “For the People,” why, purpose of the show, bio, what are the subjects, small claims court, guidelines and illustrations, restraining orders and effect, guidelines and illustrations, service of process, landlord/tenant, DUI, criminal, oral and written contracts, ambiguity, rules of construction, court calendars, burdens of proof, cause and effect, collection of judgments, personal injury, the thin-skulled plaintiff, why to settle cases, rules of evidence in small claims and restraining order cases.