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Judge Herb Dodell on the bench.

The purpose of the show is to help people navigate the legal system. It provides information as to how the legal system really works, from the inside and from the perspective of a long time trial lawyer (the trench) and Superior Court judge (the bench). It illustrates the principles with real cases and provides guidelines for people who are in the system or about to be involved in it, including small claims, restraining orders, landlord/tenant, criminal and general civil litigation. It provides the answers to such questions as "what do I do if...?" while including a spiritual approach as well. 

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For the People - Monday January 10, 2022

For the People - Monday January 3, 2022 - Guest is Sherrod Small, conspiracy, evidence, polarization, both sides, compromise, government, mandates, vaccine, civil war, insecurity, 14th Amendment, Haliburton, Chaney, Rumsfeld, test results, what we are being told, Kennedy and Gates, tracing devices, Wuhan, 1919, percentage of cases where there are side effects, NY, crowds, virus is real, booster, Antonio Brown, who is making the money, who is paying for it, alternatives, Fauci, AIDS research, masks and other mandates, Ivermectin, termination of tests.

For the People - Monday December 27, 2021 - Retrospective for 2021, four (4) major issues, booster, prior guests, statistics, accuracy, conclusion, analysis, application of principles of law, finding of facts, nation of laws, democracy, burden of proof, preponderance, civil issues, clear and convincing, beyond a reasonable doubt, pants story, rules of law, evidence, preamble to Constitution, 1st Amendment, vaccine, mandates, effects on business, government and truth, weapons of mass destruction, Haliburton, war, Iraq, decision, points of view, side effects, Brennan and Clapper, Powell, what to consider, “How to Lie With Statistics”, testing, who ran them, motivation, data, what do we know?, evidence is the key, motive, interest and bias, rules, termination, random, graphs and charts, averages, means, median and mode, free speech and censorship, Huntington case, Virginia case, private, January 6, flying, mandate, enforcement, conflict, compromises, choice, expectations, Roe v. Wade, control of social media, instant gratification, daylight savings.

For the People - Monday December 20, 2021 - Guest Charlene Bollinger, Fauci, testing, Kennedy interview, credibility, bases, toxic products, false and misleading advertising, book “How to Lie with Statistics”, rules of evidence, choice, “motive, interest and bias", boosters, test for antibodies, results from boosters, continuing need, good for business, Pfizer, research, reliability, number of people who died from Covid, whistle blower, side effects, no liability, correlation with SIDS and autism, hiding the facts, risk, informed consent, biased media, “Truth about Cancer”, medical cartel, criteria, law of statistics, data, who finances the studies, averages, proportionality, samples, randomness, methodology, “means, median and mode”, control of curricula in medical schools, ignoring findings, becoming active.

For the People - Monday December 13, 2021 - Guest is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Fauci, Gates and Covid, purpose of show is to allow people to make choices after hearing both sides of issues, must listen, evidence, no speculation, what is evidence, mediation, dialogue, both sides, controversy, book, “The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”, authorities in support of contentions, references, conspiracy, Bill Gates, Covid, reason for book, health issues, orchestration of deals with Big Pharma, totalitarianism, deals with Fauci, management, vaccines, clinical trials, not effective vaccine, suppression of other drugs, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, examples, Moderna, financial control, motive, Federal law re: emergency for temporary approval, ivermectin and no royalties, grants, use of powers, Gates, Fauci and Ferrara, 63% of medical research in the hands of the three, schools get money, Fauci enterprises, approvals, other diseases, pandemic, vaccine business, no liability, cannot sue, Vioxx, criminal conduct, does vaccine work, short studies, boosters, long term effect, other causes, heart attacks, results, myocarditis, kids, CDC, experts, who is on the Board, guy who died, Hank Aaron, no autopsy, why Dr’s recommend, pages 172-73 of book dealing with Fauci strategy, interests, Omicron variable, what can be done, militarization and monetizing, authorization and compliance.

For the People - Monday November 29, 2021 - Summary, present both sides, civil, rules of law, evidence, credibility, media, far left and far right, information to evaluate, next week's guest, Dershowitz, Palestinians, object of show, reasoned and intelligent source, Rittenhouse, Aubrey, verdicts, judges, legal issues, intent, provocation, facts, Georgia case, video, Zimmerman and Martin, racism, vigilantes, riot or protest, citizen’s arrest, compromise, energy, chaos, mediation, equality, excesses, gun issues, enforcement, Baca, restraining orders, about the money, corruption, smash and grab, jail, sentencing, prisons, concurrent and consecutive, change, Biden competency, test for cognitive issues.

For the People - Monday November 22, 2021

For the People - Monday November 15, 2021

For the People - Monday November 8, 2021

For the People - Monday November 1, 2021

For the People - Monday October 25, 2021 - Guest is Anthony Cumia, former co host of Opie and Anthony, competitive “shock jock” to Howard Stern direction of the show, people make the choice, not taking sides, settlement, reasons, outcomes, uncertainty, true story, ego, cause and effect, creative, manifestation, bio of guest, everything is like a case, evidence, opinion, support and foundation, admissibility, rules, problem is the press and social media, hearsay, definition, exceptions to the rule, effect of the show, difference between the left and the right, jobs, entitlements, earnings, spiritual solution, attack by the left, government checks, Democrats, motive, lobbyists, taxes, suggestions, press, social media, bias of the media, equality, victimization, Bill Maher, Orwell, cause of conflict, fraudulent election, voter suppression.

For the People - Monday October 18, 2021

For the People - Monday October 11, 2021

For the People - Monday October 4, 2021

For the People - Monday September 27, 2021 - Spirituality, cause and effect, spiritual principles to change your life, technology and tools, random and predetermination, can change the script, reactive and proactive, ego, what it is, being right, worst enemy, nothing is by accident, no coincidence, challenges, to decide, going through hell, purpose of the message, why we are here, opportunities, remove obstacles, choice, consciousness, mandates, legality, constitution, general welfare, spread, vaccinations and condition, effect on business, Texas law, abortion, legal issues, Supreme Court, orders, about choice, rules in spirituality, seed level, time to make change, people riding high like Madoff., Cosby, Epstein, desire, tools, sharing, connection, Elizabeth Holmes, litigation, Bill Gates, Girardi, pill guy, earning it, evil tongue, mirror and respect.

For the People - Monday September 13, 2021 - Guest is Professor Mark Elovitz, geopolitical expert on Afghanistan, proof, law, legal and spiritual, audience determination, CNN and Fox, facts, choice, no plan for Afghanistan, Patraeus, Afghanistan internally, Taliban, 32 seats in government, no women, tribes are the most important, Pashtun, Islam priorities, quotes from the Koran, self respect, hospitality, revenge, Bush, Bin Laden, no plan, England, losing face, Pakistan, warnings, Chinese, nation building, India, women, Koran, deals, prognosis.

For the People - Monday September 6, 2021 - Guest is Alan Dershowitz talking about the Middle East and Israel, issues, history, the law and projections, Palestinians, Peel Commission, U.N. Resolution 242, created by the pen, statehood, maps, Jordon, creation, Peter Beinert, hard left, Democratic party, Biden, 1948, war, Ben Gurion, heterogenous state, Haifa, right of return, Ben and Jerry, press is anti Israel, victims, self imposed, dead baby routine, N.Y Times, Abraham Accord, PA, leadership, 100% PA fault, not an apartheid country, occupation, opportunity, offer of peace, legislation, government compulsion re: vaccine, “spread”, contagious.

For the People - Monday August 30, 2021

For the People - Monday August 23, 2021

For the People - Monday August 16, 2021

For the People - Monday August 9, 2021

For the People - Monday August 2, 2021

For the People - Monday July 26, 2021

For the People - Monday July 19, 2021

For the People - Monday July 12, 2021 - Guest is Anthony Cumia of “Obie and Anthony” fame and nationally known “shock jock” competitor to Howard Stern, politically correct, free speech, cancel culture, prognosis for Trump future, distrust in media, politicians, how did they get rich?, self, getting re elected, social media, election mode, GOP moving to the right, civil war, ideology, Big Lie, left and dishonesty, manipulated, proof, courts, liar reporting, Biden and son, voting, propaganda, conservatives, Newsmax and CNN, re election motive, voter suppression, victimization, social media, rules and regulations, licenses, 2nd Amendment, deep state, court activity, lack of honesty, representation, decisions, DNC, Soros, Harris, no one wanted, has the left gone too far?, he thinks so, appeasement, fear of being denounced, BLM, feminists, Quanon, police, political machine, his book and show.

For the People - Monday July 5, 2021 - Guest is criminal lawyer Ron Kube, criminal indictment against Weisselberg, number of counts, basis, the Trump Organization, what is missing, charges, sentencing, intent, no emails, internal documents, blame, difficulties for defense, no withholding, fact pattern, gifts, compensation, exposure, jury bias, Trump not charged yet, ideology, possibilities, flipping, will Weisselberg flip?, his son, family, free trips, tax evasion, getting away with it, penalties, corporations, RICO, fines, dissolution, immunity, Cohen, 5th Amendment, Cosby, Pomerance, refunds, false instrument, understated compensation to get refund, larceny, lack of interest, political decision, evidence, tax returns, representations to banks, scams, living in New York City, neighbors, primary and secondary residence, burden of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, conspiracy, overt facts, co conspirators, what is coming up next?

For the People - Monday June 28, 2021 - Guest is broadcaster Frank Morano, election, evidence, “rigged”, media bias, Newsmax, MSNBC, news outlets, differences, politicization, fewer moderates, his show, niche, cancel culture, interviews, Cuomo, social media, selective material, Toobin, firing employees, discrimination, censorship, effect on business, Facebook, issues, big tech, anti trust, corporate censorship, monopoly, public reaction, §230 protection, break them up, free speech, NYC election, crime issues, police, low morale, cops, retiring, Slywa, Melania, Giuliani, no hearing, Chauvin and appeal.

For the People - Monday June 21, 2021

For the People - Monday June 14, 2021

For the People - Monday May 31, 2021

For the People - Monday May 24, 2021

For the People - Monday May 17, 2021

For the People - Monday May 3, 2021

For the People - Monday April 26, 2021

For the People - Monday April 19, 2021 - Guest is Ron Kuby, far left, “reasonable” conduct, effect of press and social media, Waters, appeal, Big Lebowski, representing terrible people, reasons for taking cases, about the system, comments about the Floyd case, sentencing, summation, control, Judge Cahill, rulings, rules of evidence, deliberations, letting evidence in, record on appeal, media accounts, medical experts, Dr. Tobin, cross exam of Dr. Fowler, substantive cause of death, carbon monoxide, made up, use of force experts, video, lack of compassion, 9 minutes and 29 seconds, calling Chauvin as a witness, criteria, cops trained to testify, instructions, assault, “depraved”.

For the People - Monday April 12, 2021 - Floyd trial, accident not crime, emotions, who makes the decision, statutes, depraved conduct, Dr. Tobin, credibility, calling defendant as witness, character, sequestration, personalization, why to call, political ramifications, attack on character, 2019 incident, experts, resistance to arrest, defense case, complaints, jurors feeling, defendant’s rights, burden of proof, presumptions, following the procedure, negligence, custom and practice versus character evidence, one juror, not about racism, sentencing.

For the People - Monday April 5, 2021 - George Floyd trial, guest is Alan Dershowitz, rule of law or mob, rights of a defendant, reforms, Minnesota law, fair trial, Floyd condition, knee on neck, guilty?, interpretation of statute, evidence, defense, burden of proof, training policies, following the rules, witnesses, definitions, Noor case, jury, ramifications, not racial case, negligence, manslaughter, murder, prosecution case, defense lawyer, cross examination, emotion, change of venue, applying the law, under the influence, aggression, factual issues, videotape, cumulative, 22 complaints, medals, drugs are relevant, experts, 3 important issues, “but for”, cause of death, pre-existing conditions, jury instructions, no intent, murder does not apply, Ellison, over charged, “depraved mind”, recklessness, over trying the case, video, should he testify, motion to dismiss, no evidence of intent, handcuffs, 22 prior complaints and admissibility of all, some or none, character evidence, prior acts, discretion.

For the People - Monday March 29, 2021 - Floyd questions, my bio, trial by media, looking at the case as a judge, burden of proof, emotions, presumptions, definitions, racial injustice, compromise, jury selection, hung jury, jury notes, 2nd degree murder, elements, motion to dismiss, 3rd degree murder, depraved mind, jury instructions, 2nd degree manslaughter, unreasonable risk, medical issues, contributing factor, emotions, Judge Cahill, character evidence, medals, polarization, people’s motives, ego, compromise, possible solutions, teach how to fish, filibuster.

For the People - Monday March 22, 2021 - Guest is Sherrod Small, George Floyd case in Minnesota, trial, issues, reporting, world watching, media, risk of result, emotions, elements of charges, jury, rules of evidence, rules of constructions, conjunctive and disjunctive, rulings, fair trial, publicity, $27 million pay out, coverage, selections of jurors, other incidents, admissibility, Black Jury v. White Jury, prosecution expert, cross examination, statutory requirements, murder 2, murder 3, 2nd degree manslaughter, legislation, guilty or not guilty, unintentional, hung jury, retrial, ramifications, riot, violence, new generation, reaction, protests and policy, constitution, amendments, Black Lives Matter, demands, change of venue, O.J. Simpson Case, moving the case, grounds to move, penalty, burden of proof, drugs, experts, manslaughter, language, prediction.

For the People - Monday March 15, 2021

For the People - Monday March 8, 2021 - Guest is David Bienenstock, writer and expert on Cannabis, the law, legality, statistics, free choice, history, Jesus, oil, medicinal use, benefits of use, CBD, fake news, driving when stoned, relative risk analysis, religious community, prohibitions, money, changes, economic opportunity, challenges, search and seizure, taxes, black market sales, regulations, civil disturbances, Biden history, Congress, difference between decriminalization and legalization, states, Idaho’s proposed constitutional amendment forbidding legalization, laws, expungement, restraining orders, Oregon approach, addiction and public health

For the People - Monday March 1, 2021

For the People - Monday February 22, 2021

For the People - Monday February 15, 2021 - Impeachment ramifications, subject matters, Parler, free speech, barred from social media, effect, verdict, new political party, GOP, Republican senators that voted for guilty, McConnell, effect, burden of proof, no criteria, rules, purpose of impeachment, political issues, Nixon and Trump, power, election influence, criminal prosecution, no precepts, constitutionality, judicial estoppel, no appeal, evidence, Democrats and their motives, felony and limitations, Georgia, renting jails, felony and re election, political theatre, effect on GOP, social media, effect on business, competition, business practices, anti trust, breach of contract, rule of construction, law business, discovery, robo calls.

For the People - Monday February 8, 2021 - David Schoen exerpts, free speech, interpretation, points well made, reasonable, logic, internet, censorship, case of first impression, politics, constitutionality, risk, Ginger Banks, Communication Decency Act, Marjorie Greene, Fosta/Sesta Acts, removed some immunity per Section 230 of Decency Act, evidence of intent, civil causes of action.

For the People - Monday February 1, 2021 - David Schoen interview, Trump, impeachment defense, burden of proof, evidence, co conspirator rule, Huntington case, rigged election, credibility of witnesses, attorney/client privilege and exceptions, risk to lawyers, keeping evidence out, cross examination, inquiry, good character evidence, warrants, Mapp case, incident to arrest, plain view, valid arrest, search, cell phone, exigent circumstances, Miranda, 5th Amendment, law enforcement, Florida case, arrest warrant, probable cause.

For the People - Monday January 25, 2021 - Public interest, no spin, where are we going? new political party, GOP, left versus right, challenge, compromise, immigration, wall, open borders, cheap labor, attitude, hard working immigrants, citizenship, path, compromise, McConnell, lesson on January 6, $15 per hour minimum wage, timing, vaccine, pandemic, energy and transportation, environment, windmills, oil companies, infra structure, roads, creating jobs, changes, Keystone pipeline, AOC., social media, equality, Black Lives Matter and political agenda, Middle East, compromise, Iran.

For the People - Monday January 18, 2021 - Guest-Sherrod Small, threat to democracy, civil war, question of balance, liberal side, legalities, 1st Amendment, “fire in crowded theater”, not the law, Brandenberg case, free speech issues, compromise, “Reconstruction”, Huntington case, intent, change, riot, government involvement, conservatives, deals were made, impeachment, confederate flag, $2,000, Canada, stimulus payment, credit cards, people need to be heard, KKK, creation and time, pardons, Dershowitz and Republicans.

For the People - Monday January 11, 2021 - Guest, attorney David Schoen, turbulent time, democracy, legal issues, legal standpoint, predictions, Supreme Court, policy, evolving legal system, free speech, censorship, Brandenburg case, impeachment, why, pardons, 1st Amendment, protests, peaceable assembly, 2nd Amendment, barred from social media, reasonable expectations, speech in general, 1984, Senate, constitution, jail, Andrew Weissman, power of control, cause of action, Parler

For the People - Monday January 4, 2021

For the People - Monday December 28, 2020

For the People - Monday December 21, 2020

For the People - Monday December 14, 2020 - Guest Mark Elovitz, Ph.d, expert in international geo politics, what can we expect in the Middle East as we change administrations, international politics, options, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Biden and Israel, reasonable expectations, deal with Iran, effect of sanctions, hatred of America, Saudi connection and position, MBS and royal family, internal politics, chances for peace, Arab spring, China involvement.

For the People - Monday December 7, 2020 - No opinion, evidence, guest Cordie Williams, Operation Confidence, veteran, 1776 Forever Free, statistics, pandemic, vaccine, forced to take, cases, free speech, censorship, legal immunity, OAN, compulsion, right versus privilege, Big Brother, 1984, tracking, days of privacy are gone, restraining orders, case of girl with a gun, rules to protect the public, habeas corpus, civil war, conditions, new Supreme Court, question of balance, Brekke case.

For the People - Monday November 30, 2020

For the People - Monday November 23, 2020 - Guest James Altucher, economist and author, no slanted view as on CNN, MSNBC and Fox, fair and balanced, differences, economy, AID package, vaccine, balance, cabinet appointments, tier one cities, flight of capital, economic effect, hedge funds, 20% fees, Warren Buffett, insurance companies, no regulation, investments, percent of profits, what kind of deals, sales of stock, Madoff, investments in hedge funds, Trump, 9/11, switching careers, “Skip the Line”, experimenting, running for president, student loan debt and forgiveness, need for college, income inequality, bail out of states not to people who need, AID package, what they look like, deregulation, lock downs, small business failures, flight, election for Senate in Georgia, “velocity of money”, giving money directly to people, job loyalty, layoffs, foreign policy, diplomacy, peace agreements, China, Russia, vaccine and prognosis.

For the People - Monday November 16, 2020 - Election, legal questions, constitution, guest is Bill Schulz, pardons, Nixon, social media, federal v. state, arrest and jail for an outgoing president, murder is a state crime, expected charges, reliance, intent, lawsuits, Trump allegations, pardon and clemency, pardon for family, electoral college, constitutional challenges, President Ford, transition, what Trump can do, why he lost, vaccine, rush, changes, executive powers, firing, Pastor Locke, quotas, internment, masks.

For the People - Monday November 9, 2020

For the People - Monday November 2, 2020

For the People - Monday October 26, 2020 - Guest Roger Stone, polls, fraudulent election, who is going to win, realistic modeling, why unreasonable, prior voting, law suits, disputed election, looting, suppression, voting process, Bennett, impact, Obamacare, people are dying, Corona virus, testing, Fauci, 1994, criminal act, incarceration, criminal justice, disproportions, minorities, tax returns, debt to foreign entities, influence, security interest, N.Y. Times, Hunter Biden, evidence, voter turnout and early voting.

For the People - Monday October 19, 2020

For the People - Monday October 12, 2020 - Guest is 1st Amendment lawyer, Corey Silverstein, law and the constitution, 1st Amendment, right of privacy, free speech, social media, sexual issues, the movie “Deep Throat”, grand jury, pre restraining orders, Griswold v. Connecticut, Shenk case, crowded theatre, dicta, Near v. Minnesota, press, publishing, censorship, Brandenberg case, conspiracy, Brekke case, Michigan, plot to kidnap, group, indictment, defenses, engaging in criminal activity, crossing the line, extremism, overt acts required, use of social media, 2nd Amendment, picking a jury, questionnaires, censorship, federal legislation, FOSTA AND SESTA, prostitution, Supreme Court to decide, internet, Back Stage case, government tools, all about free speech and censorship.

For the People - Monday October 5, 2020 - Reopening of businesses, guest Dr. Steve, Pastor Locke, audience makes choice, vaccines, Washington, riots, Trump, lock down, history, what he does in medicine, insurance issues, access to care, informational issues, masks, technical terms, transmission, hypothetical, 10%, declining rates, natural declines, singing, social distancing, effect of vaccine on him, image square rule, inside or outside, number of feet, correlation, epidemiology.

For the People - Monday September 28, 2020 - Political views, Supreme Court, liberal v. conservative, judge, how to become, Federal system, activist, Clarence Thomas, appointments, approval of Senate, how cases are determined, process, time management, prove ups, filing date, clerk, lunch, calendar, life appointments, Circuit Courts.

For the People - Monday September 21, 2020 - Balance, Moody Blues, division, Supreme Court nominee, Ginsberg effect, rubber stamp, conflict, light bulb, replacement on Supreme Court, lying, composition of Court, divisions, balance of Court, packing the Court, Roosevelt, McConnell, polarization, corruption, expected court rulings, comparison of media, accuracy, CNN, protests versus anarchy, economics, free speech and censorship, platforms, 1984, restraining orders, right of privacy, future guests.

For the People - Monday September 14, 2020 - Guest financial guru and economist James Albucher, author of “New York is Dead” article he wrote, response from Seinfeld, applicability of concept, status, people are moving and not coming back, why, restaurants and theaters, taxes, suffering, services, his article and conclusions, first tier cities and movement to second and third tier cities, restaurants are done, bandwidth, changes since 2008, people work at home, bankruptcies, reduction in tax revenue, taxes in other states, restaurant people are opening elsewhere, quality will suffer, laying off employees, 20% unemployment in New York, 1 in 4 people haven’t paid their rent, collectability, Broadway, ripple effect, vacancies, brokers, people working at home and effect on commercial real estate, remote, costs, liabilities, exposure, colleges, ripple effect, apartment vacancies, insurance for liability, students, cost of college, student debt, value of degree, online, bridges and tunnels, loss of revenue with continuing expenses, bailout possibility, “grit” is what people are saying about coming back, one third of small businesses will not reopen, domino effect, opportunities will spread to other cities, foreclosures, commercial services, return to crime, DeBlazio, worst mayor, revenue hole, change of weather, people already have moved, deficit, lower tax revenue, constitutional questions, uncertainty, Bush v. Gore, decisions to be made.

For the People - Monday September 7, 2020

For the People - Monday August 31, 2020 - Guest, Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Church in St. Juliet, Tennessee, against masks, choices, conspiracy, hoax, government action, Roger Stone speech, prison story, is virus real?, how far can the government go?, constitution, vaccines, difference between protest and criminal conduct, opinion, laws regarding protest, vandalism, anarchy, judgment, church and state, factions, Islam and public schools, cause and effect, ‘Quanon, conspiracy, racism, cops, civil war, Israel.

For the People - Monday August 24, 2020 - Guest Alan Dershowitz, new book “Guilt by Accusation”, accusations against him relating to Jeffrey Epstein, “Me Too” movement, tapes, media, credibility, Guiffre is the accuser, character evidence, prior acts evidence, admissibility at trial, suing attorney David Boies under RICO statute (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), Rule 11, conspiracy to extort, Farnous case, conflict of interests, emails from Epstein’s partner, Ghislain Maxwell, N.Y.Times, attorney client privilege, presumption of innocence, proof, bail, presumption of guilt in determining bail, 8th Amendment, constitution Blackstone, the bible, false witnesses, credibility, Gore, made up story, Clinton, lies, social media, how far does it go?, censorship, 1st Amendment, Twitter, immunity, market place of ideas, Federal legislation, sex trafficking, Israel, new deal with UAE, peace plan, Palestine, 1938 Peel Commission, 1948 two states, will to negotiate, Ottoman Empire, Balfour Declaration, Jordan and U.N., Hertzl, effect on Europe, Peel’s recommendation, war, expansions, Palestinian demands, Hamas, 1967 borders, Abbas, Netanyahu, Roosevelt, Nazi’s, reasons for not bombing tracks to Auschwitz, Justice Felix Frankfurter, refugees, seats in Knesset, Jerusalem, locations, Ramallah, Arabs in military, Druse, community service, occupation, Judea and Samaria, international law, settlements, disputed land, negotiations and Iran.

For the People - Monday August 17, 2020

For the People - Monday August 10, 2020

For the People - Monday August 3, 2020

For the People - Monday July 27, 2020 - Adhesion contracts, enforceable or not, take it or leave it, insurance contracts, unconscionable, public policy, procedural and substantive, arbitration, 5 elements of unconscionability, potential defenses, general guidelines, legal authority, stare decisis, distinguishing cases, inequality, bargaining power, language not understood by non lawyers ,meeting of the minds, small fonts, defenses, burden of proof, statutory requirements, size of fonts in insurance policies, bold type, release language, exploitation of illiterate/ uneducated, imbalance of obligations, fair and balanced, reasonable value, is language consistent with expectations, guidelines, certainty, judge’s discretion, concept of fairness, pay day loans, origination fees, rate of interest, Mafia collection, who is the judge, mediation and arbitration, the difference, elements, choice of law provisions, finding, mediation practices, arbitration practices, trial, danger, appeal, actual case.

For the People - Monday July 20, 2020 - Guest David Schoen, constitutional lawyer, issues of destruction of monuments, statues, replicas of the Confederacy, Roger Stone’s attorney and commutation, no pardon, difference, executive order, Federal legislation dealing with social media and censorship, Stone appeal, anarchy, don’t burn history, statue is symbolic, compromise, intimidation, who decides, perceptions, SESTA and FOSTA, liability against social media platforms, fomenting terror?, first amendment issues, restraint of speech, injunction, who is at fault, polls, balance, masks, political issue, spiritual aspects, respect, rescission of executive order, reinstated?, can Stone be pardoned, surrender date, bail pending appeal, clemency, Mueller team, conflicts, challenging attack on prosecution, presidential history, First Step Act, movement of embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

For the People - Monday July 13, 2020 - Guest, attorney Joe Girard, specialist in cases involving elder abuse, nursing homes, seniors, Probate, how to deal with estate planning, peoples perspectives, consciousness, mirror, cause and effect, time, ABOTA (American Board of Trial Advocates), Elder Act of 1993, attorney fees, professional fiduciaries, licenses, remedies, how to deal with the courts, wrongful death, pain and suffering, reimbursement, Medicare and Medicaid, asset protection, trusts, irrevocable trusts, insurance companies.

For the People - Monday July 6, 2020 - Politics, guest Karyn Turk, just released from prison, elder abuse, seniors, dishonesty and corruption, working the system, it's a business, guardians, Probate court, the fight over the money and assets, conspiracy, nursing homes and care, guardianship obligations and reporting, isolation as a tool, conflict of interest, law firms, state regulations, courts, money made by guardians, fees, judges, the other side, storing bodies, monitoring. Next week's guest to refute.

For the People - Monday June 29, 2020 - Guest: Roger Stone, why he was convicted, what he would advise President Trump now, his appeal, concepts of law, deep state.

For the People - Monday June 15, 2020 - Cosby case, prior acts as evidence, insurance company practices, character evidence at trial, admissions and use as an exception to the hearsay rule, 5th Amendment, circumstantial evidence, Stormy Daniels and Cohen cases, efforts for “stay,” what it means, defamation, conspiracy elements, overt acts, arson and insurance fraud, Special Investigations Unit, comparison between civil and criminal cases, use of tactics, strategies, contempt, judge's reading or not, reversal of decisions by a judge, most frequent appeals.

For the People - Monday June 8, 2020 - Guest Terry Koosed, CEO of Bel Air Internet, practicality, how to buy and sell a business, arbitration, mistakes of law and fact, Moncharsh case, organizations who provide “neutrals”, real case showing what happened to Bel Air, high risk to arbitrate, limited rights to appeal, corruption, grounds, prejudice, refusal of arbitrator, awards, motion to vacate, motion to confirm, was it improper, injustice, time to revisit, arbitration provisions, motive and interest, right to disqualify, looking for the right buyer or seller, Koosed history, tech sector, looking for solid company that is stable, revenue from multi sources, profitable margins are steady, reasons for buying or selling, “melting ice cube”, looking for years of service, talk to customers, history of Bel Air, ISP (provides internet, t.v services), low cost network, recurrent income definition, expectations, contracts, certainty to get money back, what is the revenue going to look like?, effect of virus, value, how to determine, most tied to reputation divided by revenue, return on investment, cash flow, formula, multiple of revenue, EBITDA is account definition, representations, arbitration to resolve, legal protection, facts of dispute, what happened, legal fees, Judge Andler, massive disadvantage.

For the People - Monday June 1, 2020

For the People - Monday May 25, 2020

For the People - Monday May 18, 2020

For the People - Monday May 11, 2020

For the People - Monday May 4, 2020 - Guest: David Schoen (attorney for Roger Stone), discussion of Stone case, should defendants testify, perjury risk, review of Ann Coulters' book "High Crimes and Misdemeanors," the Clintons, politicians, 30,000 emails, business deals, corrupt system, judges, Schoen's review of Stone case, Mueller, sentencing, judge's opinion, Hillary Clinton and the emails, lawyers on the case, impartiality, ethical issues, motion to suppress, government conflict, impact, agent, client as a witness, well-intentioned, gag order, attacks against prosecution not permitted, jury selection, jury questionnaire, discovery of juror attitudes, pardon, prison, bail on appeal, new trial motion, biased judge, jury questionnaire is sealed, remand, Brady case, ethical issues, impeaching witnesses, plea deals, why Hillary emails were destroyed, Epstein was not suicide, Michael Badin, defense plan, extortion, materiality.

For the People - Monday April 27, 2020 - Snippets from celebrity interviews and comments after playing each one, Ann Coulter, book, "High Crimes and Misdemeanors," Roger Stone and appeal, Bolton book, impeachment, dead issue, Senator Ben Cardin, expansion of power, Lee Baca, gun safety, NRA, Richard Chamberlain, Grammy award-winning composer and record producer Seven Aurelius, song "Brothers," Kayne West, adult actress Ginger Banks, legislation dealing with sex trafficking and difference between trafficking and prostitution, Alan Dershowitz, analysis.

For the People - Monday April 20, 2020 - Coronavirus continued, future, comments, states’ rights, Federalist papers, Roger Stone new trial motion and denial, governors, revolution, Jack Benny, protests, when the money runs out, homelessness, 60-day moratorium for evictions, rent, late fees, loss of investment, Europe, paying payrolls, Trump ratings, elephant in the room, certain businesses will not survive, trickle-down effect, movie financing, collateral, loans, where the money is going, sporting events, arrests, Groundhog Day, testing, economic decision, election, Georgia, 10th Amendment, juror misconduct, spiritual aspects.

For the People - Monday April 13, 2020 - Orwell, 1984, extensions of time and the statute of limitations, not extended, filing a complaint, last day and date stamp, Big Brother, surveillance, monitoring people, right of privacy, cameras, who is watching, deep state, "Wag the Dog," looking for the enemy, invasion, balance, FISA warrants, judges, threats, ex parte, politics and appointments, search, NRA, 2nd Amendment, expanded power of the executive branch, government power, Attorney General, Preamble to the Constitution, conservatives and liberals, governors, England, possibilities.

For the People - Monday April 6, 2020 - Coronavirus update, status, contracts, enforcement, predictability, restraining orders, telephonic devices, audio/visual, criminal cases, Chief Justice order, stays, obligations, extensions of time, late fees, compassion, expectations, structuring, interest, bankruptcies, ramifications, collection cases, specific performance, deals, insurance, Preamble to U.S. Constitution, speedy trial, reasonableness, reading Chief Justice order and provisions, in custody defendant's, jury extension of time, technology, due process, CARES ACT, PPP, loans, tax issues, SBA loans, payroll taxes, $10,000 grant, disaster loans, terms, rate of interest, financial impact, effect on small businesses, forgiveness, creative, no buy backs or distributions, religious organizations and enforcement of law by government, common enemy and common front, lesson, speed, conduct, spiritual effect.

For the People - Monday March 30, 2020 - Effects of Coronavirus, physical, emotional, financial, different perspective, criminal dates and schedules, speedy trial, 6th Amendment, England, time periods, what happens if untimely, dismissal, Chief Justice changing limits, refiling, waiving time, Constitution, "reasonable," court shutdowns, jury story, jury panel, cough in the face, preliminary hearing, 1 refile, no-show in court, bench warrant, holding the warrant, declaration of holiday, story of room rental, landlord/tenant, record, cancellations for non-payment, insurance policy, people out of jail, power of the President, freezing bank assets, internet, local government, habeas corpus, Lincoln, contracts, banks, foreclosure, stay of execution, writs, UD cases, discretion, late fees, force majeure, repossession, spiritual aspects, cause and effect, lessons, challenges, blessings, consciousness, conduct, martial law, time.

For the People - Monday March 23, 2020 - Rerun of 3/16/20 Coronavirus interview with Dr. Jacobson.

For the People - Monday March 16, 2020 - Guest: Walter Jacobson, M.D., psychiatrist, coronavirus, physical and mental aspects of the pandemic, how to deal with both, effect on our emotional state of mind.

For the People - Monday March 9, 2020 - Guest: Alan Dershowitz, the Constitution, Federalist papers, bribery, abuse of authority, the impeachment, felony murder rule and general principles.

For the People - Monday March 2, 2020 - Rerun of Guest: U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland), Guest: Kristin Davis regarding Roger Stone, current situation, sentence, motion for a new trial, basis, jury conduct and ramification of jury misconduct, jury selection, peremptory challenges, uncertainty and settlement.

For the People - Monday February 24, 2020 - Guest: U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-Maryland), impeachment process, his views, Constitution, Senate responsibility, no trial, no appeal, dangerous times, fear of Trump by Congress, gun safety bill, use of restraining orders, after interview references to Yogi Berra, Bernie Sanders, rights of privacy, 1984, traffic court, cost to fight, traffic school, Roger Stone case, motion for a new trial, juror misconduct rules and cases, jury mistakes, ramifications of either, pardons, Harvey Weinstein tape, spiritual aspects, Lee Baca, case in Arizona, discretionary call, not likely to be reversed on appeal, "polling the jury," rape case and mistrial, judge's ruling not to be dependent upon how the judge feels about the parties, "good old boys" network and effect.

For the People - Monday February 10, 2020 - Voting, what if there had been a criminal case instead of impeachment, stonewalling, Bolton, burden of proof, Roger Stone, loyalty, sentencing, guidelines, pardons, admissibility of evidence, hearsay, discussion with Lainie Speiser, Roger Stone's publicist, term limits, relevance issue for the judge, Constitution, abuse of power, democrats' mistakes.

For the People - Monday February 3, 2020 - Impeachment, non-event, result, was there a real trial, what if it was a criminal trial, stare decisis, Democrats' mistakes, Dershowitz, Bolton, practicality, bribery, crime, executive privilege, privilege log, motions to compel, accelerative process, election, electoral college, judicial appointments, stonewalling, jury instruction, McGann case, evidentiary rules, politics and chaos.

For the People - Monday January 27, 2020 - Impeachment not a trial, burden of proof, no trial if jury decides before proceedings begin, relevance, what if a criminal case, different burdens, this was political, allegations, requirement for a trial, how criminal cases are done, Bolton, obstruction, Bolton's book, calling witnesses, no chance of conviction, Dershowitz, history regarding obstruction and executive privilege, Obama used it, stonewalling, discovery, documents, assertion of legal right to oppose, smoking gun, notes, waiver, choice, jury issue, pressure on the Senate, self-interest, oath, Clinton trial, behind the scenes, McConnell, when privilege applies, precedent, privilege log, description, what was the purpose of the communication, in camera review, why not go to court for rulings, U.S. v. Nixon case, privilege yields to public interest, McGann case, Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts, due process, document request.

For the People - Monday January 20, 2020 - Rerun of 12/16/19 Episode: Statutes of limitation, when it begins and ends, exceptions, collections, contractual statutes of limitations, circumstances, haves versus have nots, tolling agreements, estoppel, insurance claims, what are your rights, policies, ultimate reality, premiums, claims practices, claims mean money out reducing profits, reserves, upper hand, fraudulent claims, Penal Code section making fraud a crime, felonies and misdemeanors, reading from the Insurance Code and regulations to reign in unfair claims settlement practices, Section 790.03(h) of the Insurance Code, examples and statistics, contingency fee lawyers, "closed files," defense view, summary judgment motions, why not settle, billable hours, competition among defense lawyers, rates, "lowball" offers, "genuine dispute doctrine," delays, attorney fees, "consequential (emotional) damages," punitive damages, clear and convincing evidence, insurance regulations, why is this happening to you, desire, cause and effect, time.

For the People - Monday January 13, 2020 - Dershowitz, subpoenas, impeachment discussion, no rules, “Wag the Dog,” deflections, Stone playbook, cynicism, fault with the system, is the system fair?, reality, public rarely hears the truth, corruption, experts and cottage industry, defendant experts and the money, medical witness issues, training, checking out the judges, reputations, do judges read everything?, files, exhibits, why settle?, picking a jury, type of damages, peremptory challenges, dismissal for cause, sidebars, voir dire, jury story, can a judge take away a jury verdict?, strategy, anatomy of the case, discovery in a civil case but not in criminal case, deposition from jail, 5th Amendment, notes, burden of proof, requirement for testimony, know the tricks, jury deliberations, read-back of testimony, nasty judges, uncertainty, disqualifying judges, power, marking exhibits, motions in limine, unringing the bell.

For the People - Monday January 6, 2020 - Dershowitz, subpoenas, impeachment discussion, no rules, “Wag the Dog,” deflections, Stone playbook, cynicism, fault with the system, is the system fair?, reality, public rarely hears the truth, corruption, experts and cottage industry, defendant experts and the money, medical witness issues, training, checking out the judges, reputations, do judges read everything?, files, exhibits, why settle?, picking a jury, type of damages, peremptory challenges, dismissal for cause, sidebars, voir dire, jury story, can a judge take away a jury verdict?, strategy, anatomy of the case, discovery in a civil case but not in criminal case, deposition from jail, 5th Amendment, notes, burden of proof, requirement for testimony, know the tricks, jury deliberations, read-back of testimony, nasty judges, uncertainty, disqualifying judges, power, marking exhibits, motions in limine, unringing the bell.